We help you make predictive analysis


We help you make predictive analysis

Get the most out of your intelligence gathering and analysis operation

At Blue Team Intelligence we help you to work proactively (predictively) in the field of intelligence analysis and management. We believe in the power of a structured, multidisciplinary approach. Asking the right questions at the start of the intelligence cycle is central to this. Do you decide to hire us for consultancy? Then the collaboration looks like this.

First of all, we will have an extensive conversation to discuss wishes and possibilities. We brainstorm, ask, check and keep asking. Together we refine the initial question or wish and peel it down to the actual inquiry. We then check whether the initially desired end product actually meets that demand and adjust it if necessary.

Then we will work together as focused and efficiently as possible with the collection and analysis process, and we will work towards the desired result.

We have a broad consultancy package. In addition to guiding the process, we also provide support by building tooling and developing new analysis methods. We can also fit various training courses into the collaboration proces

We offer tailor-made consultancy

Every organization and every company is unique. That is why we deliver custom work. Whether your organization is hierarchical or characterized by a network environment: together we find the solution that enables the best integrated intelligence analysis and processing. We seamlessly connect our tooling and system to the work processes of your organization or company.

Prefer to outsource completely?

Would you prefer to completely outsource (a part of) the work? That is also possible. We are ready to relieve you from A to Z when it comes to management and implementation of your intelligence process.

Would you like to know more or explore the possibilities for your organization or company?