Management and execution

We relieve you from A to Z

Outsourcing to experts

With our extensive knowledge and our experience in all facets of intelligence gathering, analysis and processing, we can fully take care of the management and execution of the intelligence cycle for you.

If you outsource the work to us, we will first have an extensive discussion. With your wishes as a starting point, we reveal the precise request for information, we determine the desired end result and we design the implementation process. Once everything has been fine-tuned, we will get to work for you.

In an outsourcing process, we carry out all work independently for you. We will, however, keep in touch with you as much as possible. We are transparent about the things we do and any issues we run into, so you are constantly updated on the process.

What activities can an outsourcing process consist of?

Reformulating/fine-tuning and operationalizing the intelligence needs
Doing a risk assessment
Designing an efficient intelligence collection plan
Setting up an intelligence database to process the collected information
Performing (geographical) intelligence analyzes with various analysis techniques
Developing intelligence products that present the analysis results and conclusions (interactive reports, dashboards, web apps, etc.)

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